Custom Vacuum Brazing

Omley Industries is a vacuum brazing service provider with a history of over 40 years. Omley Industries is a small, privately held corporation that serves customers both nationally and internationally. Omleys’ customer base covers many industries including semiconductor capital equipment, power generation, scientific analytical equipment, aerospace and space exploration just to name a few.

Many of the processes that are used by Omley Industries today were developed by Omley Industries’ founder, Herb Omley, and have become industry standards.

“Why vacuum brazing? What’s the benefit?” The benefits are many, but there are 3 that are of particular importance. First, the parts being joined are heated, brazed and cooled in an oxygen free (vacuum) environment. This results in no oxidization within the braze joints. Oxidization and tiny air bubbles within brazed or welded joints are the primary source of leaks and/or subsequent joint failure. Second, by eliminating the oxidization that normally occurs on most materials when in contact with air and preventing additional oxides from forming during the brazing process, materials can be successfully joined that cannot be joined using any other process. Third, as you may have guessed by now, parts coming out of a vacuum furnace are extremely clean. For most of our customers, this is very important.

The list of materials that Omley can successfully join is long but the more unique material combinations include many forms of ceramic to metal, sapphire to metal, and diamond to metal. Omley Industries also vacuum brazes beryllium and titanium. Most of the components that Omley Industries brazes are used in critical environments: typically high vacuum or high pressure.

In many cases, the component materials may be less exotic such as stainless steel or tool steel. For these materials, brazing is often chosen when blind joints cannot be welded or when a cleaner joining process is needed. Brazing, unlike welding, also allows for batch processing. One additional benefit of vacuum brazing over welding is that the joints are fully penetrated by the braze alloy. The results in incredibly strong joints and eliminates virtual leak areas.

Vacuum brazing is a very versatile joining process that yields strong, clean assemblies.