Custom Vacuum Brazing
Omley Industries and ceramic vacuum brazing go way back...actually, all the way back to the beginning. Our founder, Herbert Omley, developed and patented the active brazing process for bonding metals to ceramic. Today, the application of the technology Herb developed would far eclipse his wildest dreams. Since Herbs passing in 1983 Omley Industries has continued to specialize in vacuum brazing various types of ceramic.
Included on the list of ceramics are Aluminum Oxide, Aluminum Nitride, ZirconiumOxide,  Beryllium Oxide, Boron Nitride,and Silicon Nitride.  Many other matrix materials are available or are being developed.  Many of these materials have very nice brazing qualities.
Because of our rich history with ceramic brazing, Omley is often called on to braze materials and geometries that are considered to be problematic. Omley's customers are constantly pushing the technology envelope. requiring a brazing partner that has the ability and desire to help them achieve their objectives. That is why they come to Omley!